about me
hi my name is GAYLE, I’m eighteen and releasing new music so please stream it lots if you don’t hate it :)
who i was told to be and who i wanted to be were two separate things for me growing up. i mean the term growing up loosely as i am eighteen and still growing up. i always felt there was an invisible line i was always told not to cross in order to be a “lady” and to be respected by men. it affected every part of my being. how i dressed, talked, sang, performed, wrote, and most importantly how i let people treat me. i woke up one day and realized that i was pleasing everybody but myself. i mean truly who cares if i have one hair color or not. if i sing about sex? (i mean everybody does it) if i curse in my songs?? sing about love? sing about heart break? every song i sing is based off my own personal experiences, feelings i’ve felt a moment in time and nobody can take that away from me. if you listen to my music and attach your own emotions or personal experiences to it… congratulations we just had soul sex ;) hope we can do it a lot.
– GAYLE <3